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How to Get SQL Servers into Combo Box in VB.NET Source Code

The below function , finds the all SQL server instants over network. All server lists are stored into 'cmbServers' Combobox.

  Public Sub GetServerList(ByVal cmbServers As ComboBox)  
     Dim Server As String = String.Empty  
     Dim instance As SqlDataSourceEnumerator = SqlDataSourceEnumerator.Instance  
     Dim table As System.Data.DataTable = instance.GetDataSources()  
     For Each row As System.Data.DataRow In table.Rows  
       Server = String.Empty  
       Server = row("ServerName")  
       If row("InstanceName").ToString.Length > 0 Then  
         Server = Server & "\" & row("InstanceName")  
       End If  
     cmbServers.SelectedIndex = cmbServers.FindStringExact(Environment.MachineName)  
   End Sub  

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